Drug Awareness

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You have the ability to refrain from drug use. Taking a drug once may easily result in a lifelong addiction.

Drug abuse has been and still to this day is a prodigious issue affecting societies all around the United States of America. This section of the SDBH Network will strive to inquire awareness, tools, and resources that are available for struggling individuals with drug abuse problems in order to redirect them into a healthier, safer, and happier lifestyle.

Illicit Drug Use: 
Illicit Drug use entails the abuse of an illegal drug and or the misuse of prescription medications or household substances. This from of abuse is seen to be taking place early in adolescent years and even up into adulthood whether being done occasionally or regularly.

Illicit drug usage is a from of abuse that overtime has grown to impact numerous lives throughout time even up to this present day in age. A wide variety of drugs have lead to the accountability of hundreds of thousands of deaths of individuals who have abused drugs in their lifetime.

Why People Abuse Drugs:

  1. Legality– Nicotine & Alcohol are legal and people do not understand how addictive they can be. Legal substances are considered the most abused drug worldwide.
  2. Prescribed Medication– Some feel because they are prescribed something, that it is safe and for that reason, they begin to misuse whats prescribed to them.
  3. Fitting In–  This is common in young adult & teens and use drugs to fit in and do not know the severity behind abusing drugs.
  4. Depression– People feel lonely & lost and take drugs to fill the void but will slowly become dependent on that drug.
  5. Peer Pressure– People become pressured into abusing drugs around a group of people because it is hard to say “no” in a group that is abusing a substance.
  6. To Feel Good– People abuse drugs to make them feel good and forget about their problems.
  7. Availability– Prescription, Street Drugs, Nicotine, Alcohol are always available. If people have the desire, there is a way to fulfill their need.
  8. Gateway– Majority of people start addicted to alcohol, when the effects of alcohol diminish, people turn to a harder substance.
  9. Experimenting– Many people experiment with a more lighter drug like Marijuana but then become addicted and turn to heavier drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine.
  10. Self-Medicating– People may use drugs to treat undiagnosed side effects or untreated illnesses.

Commonly Abused Drugs

– Alcohol & Marijuana (Popular Nation Wide)
– Opioids, Heroin, Fentanyl, Crystal Meth, Cocaine (Growing Rate)

Heroin Hitting Lebanon County

  • A man was convicted of operating a drug trafficking operation that sold $5 million worth of Heroin, Cocaine, and crack in Lebanon County.
  • The heroin was laced with Fentanyl, Morphine, and other drugs.
  • The man owned & operated a Heroin Mill in a garage located at 513 Arnold Street.
  • Kilogram amounts were processed on a weekly basis.
  • Operated for two years before raided by police.
  • Police seized
    • 400 grams of bulk Heroin worth more than $150,000
    • 90 grams of Cocaine
    • 70 grams of Crack Cocaine
    • Packaging Materials
    • 19 Guns

Resources Below To Help With Your Addiction:

If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug addiction, please visit the links below or call the numbers below for help to fight the addiction. The resources listed below provide guidance, treatments and most importantly moral support to help those through this tough time. Remember… YOU ARE NOT ALONE.